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bubble moods

references update

relation of facade to iconic objects inside

Structure and building systems visible in facade
Gothic church - section and plans

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conceptual sections

The project is organised as a vast vertically dominated hall framed by successive spatial layers like a gothic cathedral.
one side is solid, phenomenal transparency is achieved by composition

on the other side variing thicknesses and an layering creates different degrees of translucency.
building systems and structure are integrated into the facades, dissappearing into the depth and creating a complex diphanous wall.

Site: Geneva

The project is located on an island in the center of Geneva, Switzerland.
It is an extremely exposed, rectangular site with two open facades.

The building is porous at the ground level and can be entered from any direction along the facade.


gothic cathedrals

relevant qualities:
verticality and light

Vertical emphasis
attached shafts often sweep unbroken from floor to ceiling and meet the ribs of the vault

transparency in sculpture

surfaces vs volume
geometric clarity vs translucency

transparency in sculpture

solid vs transparent

materials and moods
play with light, layering, materials

Colin Rowe
and Robert Slutzky
Literal and Phenomenal

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